Slimmed-down, yolk-free Egg McMuffin coming to a McDonald's near you

Egg White Delight

If you're looking to save some calories at the drive-thru before 10:30 a.m., the Golden Arches can help.

McDonald's will add the 'Egg White Delight' to breakfast menus in late April. The new sandwich will be an ever-so-slightly slimmer, yolk-free version of the tried and true, original Egg McMuffin.

According to the fast-food chain, the 'Egg White Delight' will be made with 100% freshly-grilled egg whites and an English muffin with eight grams of whole grain. Extra-lean Canadian bacon and white cheddar round out the breakfast sandwich.

While the traditional Egg McMuffin weighs in at a modest 300 calories, the new delight will carry 260 calories.

The new sandwich will be available across the country April 22. Atlanta, Georgia and Austin, Texas were the first two markets to test the new breakfast item.