Slinging suds and making home brews for National Drink a Beer Day

Celebrating National Drink a Beer Day. / WNWO

From home brewing to beer bucket lists we covered it all for National Drink a Beer day on WNWO Today. Ben Frankiln has been quoted saying that "beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

That's why for National Drink a Beer day we celebrated by learning a little bit about home brewing beer. We went to Titgemeier's where they have all the esentials to get started brewing your own beer at home.

Kip Nickerson is a manager there and he says that brewing your own beer can help save you money. "If you are into specialty craft beers you can make the same quality of stuff at home for the same cost after you buy the equipment," Nickerson said.

If you like craft beers then you may want to consider making a beer bucket list. We went to The Beer and Wine Cave in Toledo and talked with Matt Snyder about specialty craft beers. There are hundreds of different specialty craft brews out there each with there own flavors and characterisics. One of the best ways to find out what beers you might like is to attend a beer tasting. "Someone can come in and physically taste a $100 bottle of beer and judge for themselves if the like more exotic beer," said Snyder.

Are you a craft beer fan? What are some of your favorites? Are you having trouble finding your favorite exotic beer? Do you want to make you own home brew? Sound of below....