Small victory for South YMCA supporters

The South Toledo YMCA was scheduled to kick-off its 'Save the South Y' campaign Thursday, but it will now have to wait. The membership drive has been postponed by the YMCA & JCC indefinitely.

The Coalition for Concerned Citizens, along with YMCA members, consider the postponement a small victory as they continue to fight to save their YMCA.

Meanwhile, South Toledo residents once again rallied behind their branch Wednesday. More than 100 people area residents and Y members gathered to express their disappointment with the threatened closure of the South Toledo YMCA. They also demanded a voice in the process of keeping the branch up and running, along with the resignation of YMCA leadership. Senator Teresa Fedor recently asked for YMCA President Robert Alexander to step down.

YMCA officials say they are now open to dialogue with the community regarding the future of the South Y.

Activities once the main-staple of the South branch, including the gymnastics and swimming programs, have since been moved to other YMCA locations.