Smashray Company puts spotlight on LED lighting

One Maumee company is on a brighter path when it comes to saving money and the environment. It specializes in eco-friendly lighting.

Kari Strausbaugh started Smashray in early 2009, years after working as an engineer in the auto industry. She saw the light and decided it was time to focus her energies on a different kind of product. One reducing energy costs and benefiting the earth.

She is so charged up about LED, or light-emitting diode, she's riding her future on it. Her company sells various types of this lighting, including retrofitted indoor fluorescents and outdoor streetlights.

Large end users, like hospitals, grocery stores, and even municipalities, have caught on to this movement. It's estimated there's an energy savings of 50 to 75 percent with these conversion products.

Seven people make up this company. The owner says she hopes to have forty working for her in the future. Strausbaugh believes our region is the perfect place to find workers, already trained and skilled in other areas, perhaps looking for and needing a change.

Smashray has a program called earthPlus. LED modules can actually be returned and exchanged for new ones along with a $10 credit. To find out how else this company is eco-friendly, log onto for more information.