Smoking ban in cars proposed, texting ban on hold in Ohio

A proposal to ban texting while driving in the Buckeye State appears dead for now but there's now word that one lawmaker wants to ban smoking in cars.

The Ohio state senate president says the bill will remain in committee until supporters can convince enough senators it's necessary. He says a ban could be difficult to enforce.

Texting and driving is already illegal in Toledo and Wauseon. At least 30 states and the District of Columbia ban texting for all drivers.

Meanwhile, the Ohio Senate is considering a bill that would ban smoking in cars if a child under the age of six is inside.

The bill's sponsor says this is a great way to safeguard children from the dangers of secondhand smoke.,

But other lawmakers questions how law enforcers would be able to spot that a child is younger than 6, in order to enforce the law. Others say this proposal infringes on personal freedom.

What do you think of the proposal to ban smoking in cars when kids are present? Do you think this infringes on your personal freedom? Post your comments below.