Snakes on a plane? Try cockroaches

Air Tran Airways / file photo

Samuel L. Jackson once made a B-grade thriller about airline passengers terrorized by snakes on a plane. But, according to a North Carolina couple, they were terrorized in real life by cockroaches infesting an Air Tran flight.

According to CNN, Harry Marsh and his fiance, Kaitlin Rush were passengers on an Air Tran flight from Charlotte to Houston that was infested with cockroaches. The couple noticed them emerging from overhead compartments soon after takeoff. The pair complained ot flight attendants who did nothing to address the problem, according to the couple.

Now, Marsh and Rush want Air Tran to pay up.

The couple has filed a lawsuit in the Western District Court of North Carolina, alleging false imprisonment, emotional distress, nuisance, and unfair and deceptive trade practices. They are suing for $100,000 plus the cost of their flight.

Air Tran denied most of the allegations.

According to a CNN analyst, the case will never go to trial and that the couple will be rewarded plenty of free Air Tran flights should they decide they want to fly the airline again.

Why? "The roaches were out long enough to take video and photographs, so that's exhibit A," said legal analyst, Sunny Hostin.

Air Tran operated flights from Toledo Express Airport to Atlanta in the late 1990s and again in 2000 -- 2001.