Snow removal companies wait patiently for the snow to fall

Last winter in the Toledo area was a banner period for snow removal companies. Especially in the month of February in which 61 inches of the white stuff fell setting a new all time record. But in 2012 January is the new April and companies that rely on Old Man Winter to deliver ample amounts of snow are left with bags of unused rock salt and warehouses full of unused snow removal equipment. Ray Justice, Sales Manager at Perfect Sweep, says snow removal business has dropped significantly. "We are down more than 80 percent from last year," Mr. Justice said.

Stephen Fuzinski, President of Greensweep, knows of at least two companies that have already shuttered their operations because of the lack of snow. "They were good compnaies but just not enough preparation and planning for a year like this and they came to me because they had some good accounts and asked me to take them over because they did not want to leave their clients hanging, and then they closed their doors," Mr. Fuzinski said.

The immediate future is not promising for snow removal companies as extended weather patterns do not indicate any significant snowfall in the next week to ten days.