Snyder announces plans to attract immigrants in Michigan's State of the State address

<p> <font size="2">Snyder also calls Michigan the "comeback state."</font> </p>

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is announcing plans to attract immigrants and foreign investment to Michigan in his fourth annual State of the State speech.

The address underway Thursday night inside the Capitol in Lansing gives the Republican governor a chance to highlight accomplishments and call for legislators to complete unfinished business.

The Associated Press received a briefing before the speech.

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He's again requesting more road and bridge spending and completion of legislation designed to crack down on scrap metal theft.

Snyder will issue an executive order creating the Office for New Americans, joining two other states with immigration services consolidated in the governor's office.

His administration also seeks to make Michigan the second state running a regional visa center to attract talented immigrant entrepreneurs.

â??The Michigan of 2014 is an exciting place to be,â?? Snyder said. â??Itâ??s a new year and we have new ideas that will keep our comeback in high gear. Whether itâ??s encouraging the creation of more and better jobs, preparing children for tomorrowâ??s opportunities, protecting our precious natural resources or supporting residents with special needs, weâ??ll work collaboratively across the state to find Michigan solutions to Michigan challenges.â??

Snyder also calls Michigan the "comeback state."