Social networking is going to the dogs

Cute pups like this one can find buddies on

Everyone loves looking up cute puppy photos online, but now our four legged friends have a social network all for themselves.

Match Puppy is a site that can help pooches find playmates. According to the owners the site was originally created to give dog breeders a place to network to breed dogs.

Now the site is being used for puppies to find furry friends. "We realized there was a bigger need in the market to help dog owners kind of facilitate play dates online," site owner Michael Chiang told CNN.

Matches are made by location, breed, and age of the dog. Dog owners are also using the site to find fellow dog lovers. "It'd be great to meet some other people who have breeds similar to him. If there's a way for dog owners to interact and maybe set up play dates later, I could definitely see some value in that," said Chiang.

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