Solid voter turnout for Toledo elections

Stock image. (WNWO)

Voter turnout for Lucas County elections has been higher than seen in previously similar election cycles.

As of 4:30 on Tuesday afternoon, nearly 14,000 people have checked into a polling location or around 7 percent of the registered voters in Toledo.

The Lucas County Board of Elections officials say they're happy with turnout.

BOE is able to receive real-time voter turnout numbers this election due to their recent implementation of electronic poll books.

These electronic poll books send immediate data to BOE and update them on how many people have checked in and if a polling location needs assistance with something.

"If there's problems we can contact a location to see what's going on. When they're using the paper ballots, we have to scan them and we can know how many are assigned to each location so there's flags that will show me they're getting low on paper ballots," said LaVera Scott, Director at the Lucas County Board of Elections.

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