Some Clay High School students left walking after bus cuts

Students in Oregon returned to classes Wednesday from the holiday break. For some older kids that meant walking to and from school.

The district did away with busing to and from Clay High School to save money-- a direct result of November's levy failure.

But many say this money-saving solution has some problems.

"I'm just worried," said John Taylor, parent of two Clay High School students.

With students crossing streets with cars whizzing by... it is easy to see why.

"It didn't seem too safe walking across the street. There's a lot of cars just going by. There's not even any stop lights or anything," said Lee Papocchia, Clay High School freshman.

"Well, there's no sidewalks and you know for the kids to be walking on these shoulders that they say are marked out for bike paths and kids to walk on," said Taylor. "That's not right."

For many students with working parents, walking is now sometimes the only option.

"My friend Javier was just running around trying to ask everybody that could bring him-- take him home," said Papocchia.

"Especially since it's winter. I mean, it's really cold. It's not really that easy. I mean, if I could get a ride, I'd do anything I can," said Catherine Weishuhn, Clay High School junior.

Parents say they wish the school district could offer more help.

"We've asked for TARTA busses to come out here and they won't acknowledge it or look at that point either," said Taylor.

But Oregon City Schools says without the funds they need to operate they have little choice.

"You know a lot of kids are complaining about it but I guess that's how life is sometimes and when you're short on money-- what can you do?" said Adam Milhalko, Clay High School senior.

Oregon Police say they will maintain extra law enforcement presence around Clay before and after school-- especially over the next week or so as they work to establish new traffic patterns.

Oregon City Schools has announced no immediate plans for a new levy request. More cuts are scheduled to take effect in the fall.

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