Some MI police officers get homes for next to nothing

According to NBC affiliate WDIV, a new program called Project 14 in Detroit has been designed to lure the city's policeman back into the territory they cover.

The initiative will offer renovated homes to Detroit police officers in an effort to stabilize and repopulate neighborhoods.

Under the project, a land bank authority that buys and manages houses in foreclosure on property taxes, helps line up a mortgage and a federal renovation grant of up to $150,000.

Officers would then have to put up at least $1,000 for a down payment.

"As this thing starts to get legs, I think once Booker is in here, than other officers will start to visit and see the homes that are available in the city, they'll make the same kind of decision that he's made," said Detroit Mayor Dave Bing.

A body guard for Mayor Bing is one of the first officers to take advantage of the program.

"This is a great opportunity, one from a financial standpoint, that helps me be able to raise this little queen I have here. She's becoming more expensive every day, " said Officer Booker Riggs about the cost of being a working father.

About 1500 Detroit police officers live outside of the city and they are the primary targets for the program.

Mayor Bing hopes officers living in the city will help bring stability.

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