Some residents not happy with gang map

The Blade's gang map shows south Toledo "territories."

Gang activity is a problem seen in certain Glass City neighborhoods, and a map created by the Toledo Blade shows that problem exists in many neighborhoods, including in south Toledo.

"I don't think it puts a good mark on the neighborhood," says Roger Van Gunten. Longtime residents Roger Van Gunten and Beverly McCarthy live near River Road in south Toledo. They took a look at the map, and say it's not an accurate representation.

The map shows a large area in red controlled by the "Southside Folk gang." The Blade explains, on their map, that just because gang members claim territory doesn't mean they live there, it just means no other gang can operate in that area.

However, residents like Van Gunten say it's negative attention and he sees the impact in property values of some historic homes.

Real estate broker Kelly Knitz says the map could have a negative impact on certain communities, but adds it's one source of information and people need to look for others sources. "You have to do your due diligence, do your research. Ask your friends and family if they live in the area or anyone who lives in the area. Contact the police department, get their opinions on the area," explains Knitz.

Knitz says even though a gang map may not be the best attention for a certain community, home buyers and sellers need more information and can find it by going to websites like Family Watchdog, City Data, and Zip Skinny.