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      Some say punishment for Rogers HS students excessive

      Eleven seniors at Rogers High School will not graduate this month after school officials determined that students obtained an administrator's password and changed their grades on a school computer. The students were taking online classes of subjects they had previously failed. They were once again failing and changed the failing grades to passing ones.Brian Murphy is the chief of staff for TPS. He says the district received an anonymous tip of the unauthorized computer actions."We did a full investigation at the school, we talked to each of the students and investigated the situation very thoroughly," Mr. Murphy said.

      The students will not graduate this month nor will they be allowed to participate in the June 5 Rogers HS graduation ceremony. They will be given the chance to complete their diplomas. "They will have the opportunity to make up the course in summer school or in the fall," Mr. Murphy said.Doreen Mosley, whose granddaughter will graduate from Rogers, said the penalty imposed on the students is severe."I really believe there should be a different type of punishment; I would suggest 100 hours of community service tutoring underprivileged kids," Mrs. Mosley said.

      TPS officials have not determined how the students obtained the administrator's password.Murphy said the district's computer systems are being reviewed and that enhanced safety protocols will be implemented.