Some still in the dark 48 hours after the storms

Toledo Edison crews scramble to fix damaged power lines along Roachton Road in Perrysburg Township Tuesday evening (11/19/2013)

While most people who lost power after Sundayâ??s storms have since had their electricity restored, some locations were still in the dark as of Tuesday night.

Hans Rosebrock of Toledo Edison said at its peak, 24,000 customers lost power. Crews were able to get 95 percent of those customers back online by early Tuesday afternoon, but that still left 1,300 customers without power, the majority of them in Perrysburg Township.

The reason itâ??s taking longer in Perrysburg Township is due to extensive damage to vital power lines along Roachton Road near State Highway 199.

â??We have a large transmission, high voltage tower that's down. We're totally rebuilding that,â?? said Rosebrock, who added that high winds on Monday along with shallow bedrock along Roachton Road have slowed efforts to repair lines and restore power.

The Parks family, who lives near the damaged power lines along Roachton Road, is one of 1,000 Perrysburg Township customers that has been adapting to life off the electrical grid.

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Seventh grader Ally Parks said the first night was cold without any heat, which has also prevented the family from taking showers due to the lack of hot water. And without internet or television, Ally says sheâ??s been spending the down time reading books.

Allyâ??s dad, Dave, was able to get some power back into their home by purchasing a gas powered electric generator. Their generator was one of many that could be heard across the countryside of Perrysburg Township, as people looked for temporary solutions while they wait for their power to be restored.

â??We've been able to run the furnace, the well pump, the sump pump, both the fridge and freezer. We've been trying to take intervals of those, but it's been keeping up. So it's been good,â?? Dave Park told WNWO.

Toledo Edison crews have been working nearly round the clock to get their remaining customers back online, working 16 hour shifts, according to Rosebrock. Theyâ??ve also brought in crews from eastern Ohio and West Virginia to help speed up the process. Parks said he is appreciative of all the hard work of the utility crews.

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The Parks and the rest of those still in the dark may not have to wait much longer. Rosebrock said Toledo Edison hopes to have most of their customers powered back up by Wednesday morning.