Some TARTA passengers could be stranded

A decision by voters in Sylvania Township and Spencer Township on Election Day could leave dozens of passengers stranded. A ballot measure for voters in those two communities is asking them whether or not they want to remain in the TARTA transportation network. Toledo resident Henry Curry takes TARTA buses to his job in Sylvania Township. "It's convenient for me because I work in Sylvania and I really depend on the bus because it is my only transportation," Mr. Curry said.

Jim Gee, General Manager of TARTA, wants the two communities to remain in the TARTA network. "Our hope is that they remain because there are many riders who live in cities like Toledo but whose job may be in the townships and they rely on TARTA to get to those areas," Mr. Gee said.

Gee adds that ridership on TARTA buses is up 8% and on TARPS ridership is up by 15% in 2012.

If the voters in Spencer Township and Sylvania Township opt out of the TARTA network, the normal bus service and the para- transit service for the elderly and disabled will be discontinued.