Something's killing the fish in Swan Creek

At first glance, it is hard to tell that anything is wrong with the tranquil Swan Creek. Yet, a stretch of the river is sick - so sick that it's killing fish and lots of them.

"Just (Monday), we counted probably over 10,000. A lot of them are minnows, small fish, but we even had pike, bass," said Brent Allan of the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

Over the weekend, neighbors along the Swan Creek began smelling something foul. In the Highland Park area, investigators have been plying the waters with canoes and kayaks, trying to solve this fish kill mystery.

Nobody is exactly sure of the source of the contamination, but state wildlife officials are trying to pinpoint the source and determine how far it has spread.

Whatever the source of contamination is - chemical or bacteria - it has severely depleted the oxygen levels in the water. Subsequently, fish are essentially being suffocated by what appears to be a moving dead zone. "Whatever it is, it is moving downstream, because yesterday at Hawley, they were not dead yet and they were dead today and more fish continue to die," said Allan.

One theory behind the cause is that the waters are being tainted by nearby sewers.

A steady stream of curious creek watchers have been drawn to the banks of the Swan Creek to witness the spectacle of carnage. Meanwhile, investigators count the dead fish, and continue their quest to find the mysterious killer.