Source: Police say father admitted to killing sons

Andrew, Alexander, and Tanner Skelton

As authorities and volunteers continue to search for three missing brothers from Morenci, Michigan, investigators say they have low expectations.

The search is on for any sign of 5-year-old Tanner, 7-year-old Alexander, and 9-year-old Andrew Skelton; however, during a morning press conference on Tuesday, authorities said they do not "anticipate a positive outcome" in the case after days of searching and based on information from the boys' father.

According to sources, Morenci Police say John Skelton has admitted to FBI profilers that he killed his sons. No further details were released regarding the admission.

John Skelton, told investigators on Friday that he gave his sons to a woman named Joann Taylor before attempting to commit suicide. He said she was to take the boys to their mother's home. Authorities now say they believe Skelton lied to them about Taylor and that a reported relationship between the two does not exist.

Skelton, 39, was unsuccessful in his attempt to hang himself. He is now being treated at a mental health facility in Ohio. Police say they have been engaging in conversations with Skelton regarding where his sons may be located and that he has been forthcoming with some information. Those conversations led them to grim expectations, according to Morenci Police Chief Larry Weeks. No details or specifics were provided, but Weeks says statements made by Skelton to investigators are what indicated to them that there would not be a positive outcome to this case.

Weeks says no decision has been made about charges being brought against Skelton.

The boys' mother and family have been notified that authorities are not optimistic about the case. However, searchers will continue to look for the missing brothers. When asked how the family reacted to new information given to them Tuesday, Chief Weeks said, "Imagine your worst nightmare. How would you respond?"

Crews searched areas of Williams County on Monday, including a campground where authorities believed John may have taken the boys in the past. Searchers have set up a command center in Pioneer, with searches extending to West Unity, Kunkle and Holiday City.

If you have any information you are asked to call the Morenci Police Department at 517-458-7104.