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      Special deals at Cedar Point

      Cedar Point management is offering a money saving deal to customers after the amusement park was closed this past weekend because of a water main break.The park re-opened on Monday, after being closed over the weekend.The water line that supplies water to the park and its resorts ruptured on Saturday. As a precaution, park executives closed the facility.Park officials announced a special offer. If a guest purchases a one-day Cedar Point admission ticket between now and Sunday, June 15, the guest will receive a free Soak City ticket. The one-day admission ticket must be used by Sunday; the free Soak City ticket is good through September 1, 2014.

      Three million people each year visit Cedar Point. This past weekend was the first weekend after summer break began in many school districts across Northern Ohio.Thousands of people were either at the amusement park or on their way when management decided to close the facility.It was not clear on Monday how much money the amusement park lost. "We really haven't focused on the financial aspects yet, we'll deal with that another day," said Bryan Edwards, Cedar Point Public Relations Manager.