Spoiled milk served to students

Whitmer students claim they were served spoiled milk.

The Facebook page of Whitmer High School alumni posted that spoiled or expired milk was served to students at the high school's cafeteria on Tuesday.

"A couple people got sick in the bathroom. And they were selling expired milk," says one student who did not want to appear on camera.

The post said 20 kids went to the school nurse after drinking the milk. It was followed by numerous negative comments, and was taken down soon after.

The superintendent released a statement about the incident on it's Facebook page:
----Student safety is always our priority at Washington Local Schools. The milk served in Whitmer's cafeteria yesterday HAD NOT EXPIRED--it was dated 1/14/14. A few students returned the milk and received a replacement. As a precaution, the milk that was dated the 14th was removed.

The applesauce was delivered to Whitmer in November and has a one year shelf life. The staff verified the product date to ensure that it WAS NOT EXPIRED. Several of the applesauce containers were opened to make sure that there was nothing wrong with them that may have happened during the production, and the staff found nothing wrong with the applesauce.

Reiter Dairy reports that during all lab testing they have found that milk is good 5-7 days after its expiration date. However, please be assured that the district does not serve any food product that is expired.

WLS takes great pride in serving our students healthy and nutritious breakfast and lunch and we thank our nutrition service workers for their diligence in ensuring high quality in the food served.

~Patrick Hickey, Superintendent----

The student told WNWO that the milk was expired and said she had seen expired dates on milk cartons.

Parents were reluctant to appear on camera, but statements on Facebook were a little more opinionated.
One commenter said that her kids reported being served expired milk numerous time during summer school.

Another said, "Going to have to call bull on this... I drank the milk... I almost threw up... My friends... drank the milk... almost threw up."

And yet another read, "My son brought a carton home that was expired???"

The student who claims she saw expired dates on cartons says she and her friends saw the dates before they were opened.
"They didn't taste it. Not at my table," she says.

School representatives declined an interview and referred back to the statement that was released.