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      Spring snow, icy roads, messy commute

      An unusual spring snow led to multiple accidents in the Toledo area on Tuesday. Icy conditions confronted motorists on some overpasses and bridge decks along the area's expressways and highways.Ohio Department of Transportation Public Information Officer Theresa Pollick explained that the rapidly changing weather situation affected the agency's ability to treat the roads. Pollick said the rain that preceded the snow prohibited crews from pre-treating the roads."When you're looking to pre-treat a roadway, you'll want to be sure that moisture is not going to wash it off, and in the case of the rain that we saw last night, that would've been exactly the case in some of those areas," Ms. Pollick said.

      Pollick says road crews were out last night and observed that some stretches of highway were dry but that some overpasses and bridge decks had frozen. Toledo resident Savannah Soto was not looking forward to the drive to Perrysburg. "It freaks me out driving on the highway when I know there is ice out there, it's scary," Ms. Soto said.

      Hazardous driving conditions may have been a factor in the death of a Sylvania man. 65-year-old Rex George died when his car was hit by a pick up truck that crossed the center median.The accident happened along the Airport Highway overpass that crosses the turnpike. The driver of the pick up truck suffered non-life threatening injuries.