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      Springfield Local considers adding half hour to school day

      Springfield Local Schools has used 14 calamity days so far in the 2013-2014 academic year, and the district is now coming up with ways to make up for lost instructional time. A total of nine calamity days have been approved by the state, which means the district must still make up five days.

      On Wednesday, the Ohio House and Senate approved a bill granting schools four extra calamity days. The bill is headed to the desk of Governor John Kasich who has already indicated he will sign the bill.Superintendent Kathryn Hott says the district is taking several steps to make up the difference. "We have built into our calendar some contigency days in June and we will be adding 30 minutes to the school day when we return from spring break," Hott said. School was scheduled to be closed on the day after Easter, but a letter has been mailed to parents informing them that school will now be open on April 21.


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