Springfield Twp. still shows signs of storm one year later

Holland, OH - Today, the neighborhood near South & Dorcus St. in Springfield Tvp. looks quiet.

But one year ago, it was a different story, having been pounded by a microburst, which is a downward pushing storm that rapidly changes speed and direction.

"It was unprecedented in the strength of the wind that came through, and the number of the trees that came down," says Twp. Trustee Bob Bethel.

Bob recall, "I could not believe the amount of destruction there was. I've lived here my whole life and we've never seen anything like this before.

While most of the area has been repaired, some reminders remain.

Brian Lowe's house was crushed by tree with him inside.

But Brian did not have insurance, and could not afford to rebuild.

Today, the front porch is almost all that remains of the house.

Brian's dog sits out from using the free-standing porch as a shelter.

Brian wasn't there when WNWO crews stopped by, but neighbors say he still lives on the property in a mobile home set up in the back yard.

The small mobile home is tied into the power line in the fron of the yard, and large pieces of the tree that nearly killed him, still sit in his neighbors yard.

Down the street about three blocks, Christopher Zimmerman was killed in his driveway by a falling tree.

His neighbor says the stump from that tree was removed only days ago.

One street over, another resident says that after falling tree limbs riddled a house with holes, they family just packed up and left.

The neighbor says it is now listed for sale at a price of $66,000.

Though there are things that still need attention, Bethel says that due to the amount of community involvement, much of the destruction is long gone.