St. Mark Baptist Church opens new home

<font size="2">The St. Mark congregation held its first service in the churchâ??s new building on Sunday.</font>

After losing its place of worship to a fire in January, the congregation of St. Mark Baptist Church has a new place to call home.

Senior Pastor I.J. Johnson lifted the congregation and its prayers at the first Sunday service in the churchâ??s new building at 2747 Kenwood Blvd. near Douglas.

â??We are in a new place, but God is our savior,â?? said Johnson, who founded St. Mark in 1955.

After the January 3 fire that destroyed the St. Mark church on North Detroit Ave., services were temporarily held at the Driscoll Alumni Center on the University of Toledoâ??s campus. The new facility is leased for one year, and services will be held in the adjoining sanctuary in the near future.

Some members of the congregation say the fire did destroy their building, but not the church family.

â??As long as weâ??re together to worship God and praise God, weâ??re happy,â?? said Denisee Gaston. She added, â??Itâ??s a blessing.â??

Rev. Johnson did not give any details on when a new permanent church may be built.