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      St. Paul's Community Center supplies running because of increase in homeless

      T he artic blast of weather over northwest Ohio is creating a crisis for one homeless shelte r .

      St. Paul's C ommunity Center opened their door weeks ago to give the homeless a warm place to go when temperatures dropped into the single digits and sub-zero territory.

      S ince then , St. P aul's has seen a steady flow of men and women seeking shelter. But those people also use the hats, socks, gloves, pillows, blankets, food and other items available.

      N ow , the community center is seeing it's supplies running low, "it's a constant in and out. we get some, and then we're giving them out to the public. so it's definitely used," explains Christy Snyder with St. Paul's Community Center.

      St. P aul's says they will keep their doors open for anyone who needs shelter all day this weekend.