Standing room only at Sylvania Schools cuts forum

Hundreds in the Sylvania School District attended a meeting Thursday night to voice their concerns and frustrations about planned cuts.

The district is facing a $6 million deficit but students and parents say the board's plan to eliminate teaching positions and classes is the wrong way to make up for the gap.

It was standing room only at a public forum at Southview High School. Not just adults but kids filled the room and took the microphone. "It's hard that we're the future but you guys are cutting it. It's hurting us," said one high school student.

One common concern was which classes the board decided to cut. Sylvania parent Diana Watt says the board looked at attendance numbers and not true value.

"So the kids who were talking about becoming teachers--their courses are being cut, the kids who want to become computer programmers--their courses are being cut. music--cut. But the kids who just want to flock to the classes where it's an easy A, a blow off. That's going to be left and that's wrong," said Watt.

Some specific cuts like Northview's much-admired show choir are also causing an outcry.

"She plans on working for it for the next five years so that she can earn her spot and they're taking away her dream," said Watt of her 7th grade daughter.

But next year Southview could be left without a choir at all.

"I would like to see them eliminate other choirs at Northview, not Harmony Road Show, but something else that does not need to be needed to assist with the cuts at Southview to at least keep one joint choir at Southview or some sort of music department at Southview," said Austin Serna, Southview High School student.

Serna says he knows the district needs to make cuts but he believes the board is going about it in the wrong way... his advice?

"Start with programs that are funded by the school that just do not need to be needed and then work your way in. Do not start with the herd. Do not start with the teachers that are tying to make a difference for these students," said Serna.

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