Standoff at Holland home ends peacefully

Michael Swiergosz

A standoff at a home in a quiet Holland neighbor ended peacefully shortly after 12:00 p.m. Tuesday.

Lucas Co. sheriff's deputies responded to the scene of standoff in Holland Tuesday morning. Michael Swiergosz emerged from his home shortly after Noon.

Officials say they were called to Swiergosz's home at 111 Hidden Meadow Dr., in Holland, around 8:45 a.m. on a call of domestic violence. After arriving on the scene officials say they saw a man with a gun run back into the home.

Authorities were initially unsure if anyone else was inside the home.

A church deacon was called to the scene and was escorted into the area.

Reports indicated that one person had been shot at the address; however, Lucas Co. sheriff's deputies did not confirm those reports. Police were overheard on scanner traffic saying they were not able to hear any commotion or cries for help coming from inside the home.

Officials say Swiergosz's wife was able to flee the home unharmed during the standoff.

Sweirgosz was taken into custody after emerging from his home.

Hidden Meadow Dr. is located off Hill Ave. between King and Centennial Roads.