State approves 60 million dollar plan to help demolish vacant homes.

The blight of vacant homes in Lucas County has long been a problem, but now a solution may soon be on the way. On Thursday the Ohio Treasury announced the approval of 60 million dollars in federal money to go towards the demolition of those homes in Ohio counties, and Lucas County could be at the top of the list.

Kapszukiewicz told us, â??We're going after the properties that are beyond repair and do nothing but drag the neighborhood downâ??.

And while he doesn't know the exact amount, Kapszukiewicz says the county could receive upwards of ten million dollars. Meaning that at about ten thousand dollars a pop, roughly a thousand additional homes could be demolished. The county would not only get rid of some major eyesores, but the problems that come with them. According to Kapszukiewicz, â??Vacant blighted structures like this are magnets for crime criminals, drug activity, arson, and its beyond debate that as more vacant homes are removed, the less some of those crimes will occur, thereâ??s no question about itâ??.

We talked to residents like Suzette Hedricks who said, itâ??s about time! â??It is about time... And letâ??s hope they do something with some of these because thereâ??s such a cluster of themâ??.

Hedrick lives on the city's north side, she says her home is surrounded by abandoned properties, for every one home that's occupied, she said there two that are empty

When you look out my front door all you see is broke down houses that are boarded up people breaking in opening them back up...itâ??s badâ??

Hedricks says she hopes the new money arrives quickly and gives her neighborhood a fresh start... After all she told us, Iâ??ve waited too long already.