State moves to keep employers out of your Facebook account

Recently, the trend of current or potential employers asking for your Facebook login information has been on the rise. Some have gone as far as to make it a condition of employment.

And despite the public outcry over the subject...the number of businesses asking for the info continues to climb.

But legislators in the state of Maryland have moved to ban the practice.

â??I was just mortified. I just thought that crossed the line,â?? said Robert Collins told WJZ in Baltimore. He was asked for his Facebook password by a potential employer.

Collins was at the center of the controversy after the Maryland Department of Corrections asked him to give up his information.

â??He wasnâ??t forced to but felt if he didnâ??t, he wouldnâ??t get hired. So he felt compelled,â?? Melissa Goemann of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) told WJZ.

Goemann and the ACLU felt it was a gross invasion of privacy.

Maryland lawmakers agreed and this week officially passed a law banning employers from asking for social media passwords.

â??People have so much information on Facebook, everything from family photos, their religion, marital status â?? which employers canâ??t ask about â?? to private email correspondence,â?? Goemann explained.

WJZ also reports that the Maryland Chamber of Commerce opposed the law saying employers have a legitimate: â??Interest in protecting itself from various legal claims as well as an interest in scrutinizing potential misrepresentations and inappropriate comments/behavior of its agents.â??

Goemann disagrees saying having a job shouldnâ??t mean giving up your private life.

â??They canâ??t now tap your phone,â?? she said. â??Iâ??m sure theyâ??d get a lot of revealing information then, but they really need to go through usual channels that theyâ??ve done. That seems to be effective even before there was Facebook.â??

Supporters are still waiting for the governor to sign the bill into law.

In an attempt to stop the practice several other states, including California and Illinois, are now considering similar laws.

Would you willingly give up your social media login info to a potential employer? Should Ohio and Michigan follow suit and move to ban employers from demanding your social media logins as a condition of employment?