State passes 'Abstinence or Nothing' bill for schools

According to Guttmacher Institute, 21 states require schools teach students about sex education...and in 18 of those states, contraceptive methods must be a part of the lesson.

One state, however, is on track to allow schools to opt out of teaching Sex Ed completely...or if they do, restrict them to abstinence only lesson plans.

The Utah Legislature gave final passage Tuesday to a bill that would let schools skip teaching sex education and prohibit instruction in the use of contraception.

Senate debate over HB363 was concluded Tuesday afternoon before senators passed it 19-10. In the end, many senators felt schools shouldnâ??t teach the subject.

Sen. Stuart Reid, R-Ogden, told the Salt Lake Tribune "To replace the parent in the school setting, among people who we have no idea what their morals are, we have no ideas what their values are, yet we turn our children over to them to instruct them in the most sensitive sexual activities in their lives, I think is wrongheaded."

Sen. Luz Robles, D-Salt Lake City, said lawmakers often talk about wanting to keep government out of peopleâ??s lives, yet she said the bill would take away parental choice.

"Itâ??s concerning when now weâ??re trying to dictate morality," Robles said.

Sen. Ross Romero, D-Salt Lake City, told the Tribune that lawmakers must understand that not all kids will learn about the topic if it isnâ??t taught at school.

"Weâ??ve been discussing this as if every child has the benefit of two loving and caring parents who are ready to have a conversation about appropriate sexual activity, and Iâ??m here to tell you thatâ??s just not the case," Romero said.

The bill now goes to Utah Governor Gary Herbert.

The Governorâ??s Office decline to say whether he would sign the bill. Spokeswoman Ally Isom said: "This bill had a few revisions during its legislative course. Our staff will review the final draft once we receive it."

What do you think of Utah's push to let schools opt out of Sex Ed? Do you think "abstinence only" Sex Ed is the right road to go down? Or should kids be taught everything by schools in lieu of learning from their parents?