State Patrol investigates Turnpike crash

Clean-up continued on the Ohio Turnpike Thursday.

Authorities are investigating a 50-car pileup on the Ohio Turnpike that left three dead Wednesday. Their investigation backed up traffic for ten miles to the west Thursday afternoon.

Turnpike officials are hoping to have the roads clear and moving at full speed by Thursday night. Eastbound lanes were closed on Wednesday night and, for the first time ever, authorities opened the road median to let drivers turn around. The turnpike reopened Thursday.

â??These trucks depend on our road to get these good to their location,â?? Ohio Turnpike Communications Director Adam Greenslade said. â??Itâ??s incumbent upon us to try and keep it open.â??

Numerous semi-trucks mangled in Ohio Turnpike Crash

The debris field stretches over a mile in Sandusky County. It took tourist Daryl Toth over an hour to travel three miles.

â??Everything sort of came up pretty suddenly,â?? he said. â??We saw a lot of cars in the ditch and trucks.â??

The crash killed three and left Ohio State Trooper Andrew Clouser severely injured. Clouser is currently in intensive care at Mercy St. Vincent. He sustained injuries from his abdomen to his legs when he was pinned between two vehicles.

One of the deceased victims, Hannah Matheny, is from Parma, OH.