State patrol to add Ottawa County sub-post end of June

The Ohio State Highway Patrol announced Tuesday that it will open a sub-post in Ottawa County.

It will serve the motorists and residents in the area. The Sandusky Post in Erie County will provide patrol services for Ottawa County and will operate at an office in the block of 700 Catawba Road in Port Clinton.

Troopers working in Ottawa County can use the sub-post to complete crash reports, enter case investigations and process evidence.

The patrolâ??s structure reorganized at a reduced cost in January 2012. This year, the patrol lowered from ten districts to eight. Headquarters for the eight districts are in Findlay, Bucyrus, Warren, Piqua, Columbus, Cambridge, Wilmington and Jackson.

Patrols plan to establish sub-posts in the 31 resident counties that do not have stand-alone posts.

Area motorists and residents in need of Patrol services should contact the Sandusky Post at (419) 625-6565.