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      State Rep. casts early ballot for veteran affairs

      Ohio State Representative Teresa Fedor placed her early vote Wednesday to advocate the Obama campaign and its efforts to support veterans.

      Fedor, who served in the Air Force and Air National Guard, joined a group of local veterans at the Summit Plaza polling location on Superior Street to discuss the importance of early voting to the democratic campaign.

      "We can't depend on our secretary of state for easy access that we've had in the past for early vote," said Fedor. "We don't want long lines, we don't want problems with any voting machines, any problems with election machines, or any issues that may crop up on election day."

      Democrats have accused the Romney-Ryan campaign of employing voter suppression tactics that intend to inhibit the minority vote. Some veterans are also concerned about the threat of financial cuts that Mitt Romney has proposed. The democratic campaign says the "Romney-Ryan budget proposes deep cuts that could cut investments in veteran's health care by 19 percent and VA spending by $11 billion."

      Michael Freidman, a veteran of the Vietnam War, Air Force, and National Guard, said, "We make America work, the civil service employees." He continued, "Basically, we know the issues, and we know what's at heart."

      Fedor added, "Our president has done more not only in ending the war, but helping our veterans when they come back home with job assistance," The state secretary noted President Obama's support of the G.I. Bill along with his administration's capture of Osama bin Laden and the end to the War in Afghanistan. She continued, "I think it's clear who we need to vote to help support the military and to defend our country and protect us."

      Local veterans John Boellner and Jimmy Snodgrass also joined Fedor prior to her visit to the ballot box.

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