State takes gamble on controlling Internet cafes

Ohio's attorney general wants to regulate gambling at Internet cafes.

Raids carried out at three Internet cafes in Fremont last week have state officials pushing a gambling regulation proposal that would end hundreds of businesses.

Attorney General Mike Dewine wants to regulate the hundreds of game parlors around the state that offer games that function like slot machines with cash prizes.

Dewine supports a proposal that would require operators to have a license and limit the number of games per site.

Police in Fremont shut down the Internet cafes, saying informants received cash payouts for winning games. The attorney general estimates there are at least 200 such sites around the state.

"It was a nice place to come to," said patron Denny McClure to the Fremont News Messenger. "You could spend a little money for some entertainment and meet some really nice people.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)