Steinfurth family gathers for vigil after latest arrest

New developments in the case of a missing East Toledo toddler have Elaina Steinfurth's family feeling hopeful. On Monday, Stephen King, Elaina's mother's ex-boyfriend, was arrested and taken into custody on felony charges of obstruction of justice. Elaina's mother, Angela, remains behind bars on the same charges.

"I'm happy," said Elaina's grandfather, Terry Steinfurth, Sr. "Hopefully with this, we'll get some answers and one of the two of them will break and hopefully we'll find an end to this."

Toledo police did not release any details on what led to King's arrest or their believed whereabouts of Elaina, only stating that King had been impeding their investigation.

"We've been working it non-stop for over a month now and it's just nice to see that we have something to show for some of our efforts," said Sergeant Joe Heffernan with the Toledo Police Department. "And there's more to come, I can tell you that."

The new arrest sparked new hope in the East Toledo neighborhood where Elaina was last seen. Friends, family, and community members gathered to march and pray Monday night, expressing belief that closure may come soon.