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      Steubenville authorities aware of online video in rape case, launch fact website

      Steubenville authorities have launched a website intended to sort fact from fiction in a rape case.

      Authorities investigating rape accusations against two high school football players in eastern Ohio have launched a website intended to sort fact from fiction as interest in the case balloons.

      Steubenville city and police officials announced the site Saturday.

      The 16-year-old boys are set for trial Feb. 13 in juvenile court in Steubenville on charges that they raped a 16-year-old girl in August. Their attorneys have denied the charges in court.

      Public interest has increased with circulation online this week of an unverified video that purportedly shows another young man joking about the accuser. The video apparently was released by hackers who allege more people were involved and should be held accountable.

      Authorities in Steubenville, Ohio say they have known about the 12-minute clip for some time. They have refused to comment on what's on the video - or what other evidence they have in the case.