Steven King pleads not guilty in case of missing baby Elaina

King's is scheduled to appear in court September 5 at 8:30 a.m.

The East Toledo man charged with obstructing a police investigation into the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend's baby has plead not guilty.

Steven King his ex-girlfriend, Angela Steinfurth, are each being held on a charge of obstruction of justice. The two were the last people seen with 1-year-old Elaina Steinfurth before she went missing on June 2.

In court Thursday, King pleaded not guilty. He is accused of making numerous false statements to police during their investigation into Elaina's disappearance.

Toledo Police filed a complaint against King on Jul. 22 after an extensive review of evidence in the case.

A criminal defense expert Lorin Zaner said the complaint is a tactic that may be used to scare people involved in a crime. "By making that kind of a claim, it puts a whole lot more pressure on the defendants to cooperate, and potentially work out some kind of deal if they know anything. If they were involved," Zaner said.


Latest updates on #SearchForElaina

King's trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 5.

A hearing in the case against Angela Steinfurth was postponed Wednesday at the request of Steinfurth's attorney who asked for more time to review nearly 30 hours of video interviews taken with Steinfurth and Toledo Police.


Latest updates on #SearchForElaina

Baby Elaina's family and their supporters gathered Wednesday night at the corner of Federal and Leonard for

another bi-weekly prayer vigil.

More than two months later, her family is still holding onto the hope that that she is alive.