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      Steven King's trial pushed back until November

      King made a court appearance Monday morning, but the court set a new trial date for Nov. 4 at 8:30 a.m.

      Steven Kingâ??s trial has been rescheduled until November in the case of east Toledo toddler, Elaina Steinfurth.

      King is the ex-boyfriend of Elainaâ??s mother, Angela Steinfurth. Both are the last two people seen with Elaina before her disappearance in June. They are being held on charges of obstructing justice for lying to police. King plead not guilty to making false statements to police back in August.King made a court appearance Monday morning, but the judge set a new trial date for Nov. 4 at 8:30 a.m.Elaina had been missing for more than three months before Toledo Police found her remains in a box in a garage on property owned by Kingâ??s mother.

      Family and friends paid their final respects at baby Elaina's funeral. About 100 vehicles followed her funeral procession to the Lake Township Cemetery on September 28. Elaina's father, T.J. Steinfurth, carried her daughter's casket out of the funeral home.WATCH: Baby Elaina laid to rest at funeral The judge denied a request by Elaina's grandfather for Angela to attend the funeral. Steinfurth's trial has been delayed until later this month on October 23.

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