Stolen! $1.5-mil worth of iPad Minis walk away from JFK

The new iPad Mini will, undoubtedly, be one of the hottest tech gadgets over the coming holiday season.

But in the case of New York's JFK Airport..."hot" takes on a whole new meaning.

According to a report in the New York Post, police are investigating the apparent theft of, get this, two pallets of Apple iPad Minis. And it went down Monday night.

And gets better.

The brazen thieves used an airport forklift to load the booty onto a truck. And according to the report, they may have gotten away with another three pallets worth had they not been challenged by an airport worker who had just returned from a break.

The report says investigators are suspecting an "inside job"...something that has been noted in the the airport has a reputation for somewhat lax security within it's cargo shipping areas.

Sources for the story say the crooks arrived at Building 261 in the cargo area of the airport around 11 p.m. Monday night in a white tractor trailer marked with the name CEVA on the side.

They pulled up to the side of the airport building that faces onto a street and has less security than the other side, which is accessible from the airport tarmac.

The going theory is that someone let them in...and then back out again once they nabbed the tabs.

Sources to the New York Post say that three airport employees have been given polygraphs so far...and that the investigation is ongoing.

In total, the bandits got away with 3600 of the iPads...worth roughly $1.5-million.

What does this story say about security at our largest airports? You want a Mini that bad???