Storm damage, high winds in Seneca County

The storm comes late in the season, and winds gusting over 50 miles-per-hour did a number on the power lines that run along US-224, Southeast of Tiffin.

American Electric Power(AEP) crews worked all day to restore power.

More than 35,000 customers were affected by this Halloween storm, according to an AEP report.

Crews could not go on camera, but said that the winds were powerful.

However, they said it was nothing compared to the beating that Findlay took in July last year. That 2012 storm knocked out power to more than half a million people, and recorded winds of 75 miles-per-hour.

Winds gusting across an open corn field like that of last night, can do extensive damage. The power poles were splintered, and like dominoes, fell on after the other. There were ten down in total.

The wind also ripped trees out from the roots, and a trampoline ended up bent and torn on the side of a road with no houses. The closest house was at least 100 feet away.

A WNWO reporter knocked on doors, but no one was home. So, if anyone is missing a 12-foot trampoline, check at the end of Township Road 1106, at County Road 36.

As of 3p.m. Friday, AEP reported that more than 30,000 customers had their power restored, but getting everything up-and-running again will probably extend into Saturday.