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      Storm displaces residents in Wauseon

      A storm in Wauseon knocked tree limbs down and sparked a fire that displaced three people from their homes.

      Steve McElrath is the owner of the building that caught fire. He says a power line came down, causing a surge, which sparked multiple fires. He is one of the three residents who couldn't stay in the building after the storm. No one was hurt in the fire, and a Fulton County Sheriff's deputy says no storm-related injuries were reported from Wauseon.

      "I just didn't want anybody to be hurt," he said. "That was my main concern so I checked on that initially."

      Just blocks away from the building, shredded tree limbs lie along the streets. One man's shed was destroyed when a two-story pine tree was uprooted in his backyard.

      Barb Roof is a Wauseon residents who calls this the worst storm she's seen in the town. A tree branch fell onto the side of her home.

      "As soon as I opened my door I just heard this loud crack," she said. "And trees are falling here. So i jumped back in my car. I didn't know what to do."

      Roof says no windows were broken and she was able to sleep at home.

      American Red Cross has offered to help tenants at the apartment find a place to stay, according to the building owner.