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      Strategy gamers descend on BASHCon

      Gamers throughout the realm of greater Toledo unleashed their inner Jedi and wizard at the University of Toledoâ??s BASHCon.

      Over a thousand fantasy role-playing and video game enthusiasts descended upon the 28th annual event at the UT Student Union. Convention-goers of all ages competed in tournaments ranging from card games like Magic: The Gathering, to classic video games, and conventional board games.

      â??Itâ??s another great recreational thing for people to get out and meet other people, and have fun together,â?? said Joe Abrams, who introduced gamers to his Chicago-based company â??Just Gameâ?? during the convention.

      Like many at BASHCon, Abramsâ?? team is play testing its new strategy game â??Boardcraft,â?? hoping it will catch on.

      â??You donâ??t go into gaming because you donâ??t want to have fun,â?? stressed Abrams. He added, â??It really is something that people enjoy, people remember, people make connections.â??

      BASHCon gamers got a taste of virtual reality simulators, full-combat live action role-playing at Dagorhir Battle Games, and the chance to survive a zombie apocalypse. Vendors from across the country also offered merchandise, costumes and collectibles to round out the attractions.

      Whether it was painting a custom mythical creature, or catching up on Japanese Anime films, BASHCon offered a fantasy for everyone.