Strickland endorses FitzGerald in governor's race

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland is throwing his support behind Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald.

During a teleconference call with reporters on Monday morning, Strickland endorsed the Cuyahoga County Executive, the only Democrat to challenge incumbent Ohio Governor John Kasich in the 2014 election.

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â??There are a lot of votes up there that I didnâ??t get that I think Ed can get,â?? said Strickland, referring to his failed campaign against Kasich in the 2010 Ohio Governorâ??s race. He continued, â??And I think that puts him in a very competitive position here.â??

Strickland called FitzGerald a champion of the middle class, and attacked Kasichâ??s track record as governor.

â??The wealthiest in this state are benefitting from the governorâ??s tax plan. Thereâ??s no doubt about that. But the working people are paying the bill for that,â?? Strickland said. He also claimed, â??Average Ohioans do not feel as they are benefitting from what the current governor touts as the â??Ohio Miracle.â??â??

Strickland also told reporters he would be raising money for FitzGeraldâ??s campaign.