Striking Red Cross workers plan to go door-to-door

Leaders from UFCW Local 75 held a press conference outside the American Red Cross blood donor center on Executive Parkway in West Toledo to provide an update on the week and a half old strike that has 130 blood collection workers on the picket line.

"We have played by the rules, we have followed the federal labor laws in trying to negotiate a fair contract, but the Red Cross has not, they have not given us the information that we need," said Bill Dudley, strategic and logistics coordinator for UFCW Local 75.

Some of the striking workers out on the picket line expressed their concern that the American Red Cross was trying to bust the union. But ARC spokeswoman Tracy Duncan says that is not the case.

"We are not in the business of busting unions, but we have offered a contract that we believe is fair and that has already been accepted by 18 other bargaining units," Duncan said.

More than 40 blood drives have been cancelled since the strike began March 27. There are no dates scheduled for the two sides to resume negotiations.