Strip club busted for illegal sexual oriented activity

Platinum Kisses

The Ohio Investigation Unit is in charge of making sure businesses that possess a liquor license are operating under legal guidelines.

Agent Raymond Rodriguez, with the investigation unit says, "There's still rules and regulations they have to follow. They're no different than any other liquor establishment."

Their operations, mostly undercover, regulate a large area of Ohio, and usually started with a complaint from the public.

"We're responsible for the liquor permits of 17 counties from this office. We do visit a lot of places. We have numerous complaints from the citizens of Ohio that call in," says Rodriguez.

After an almost year long investigation into the Platinum Kisses on Alexis Road, in North Toledo, charges were filed against the club and its owner.

Rodriguez explains, "If you review the charges you'll see that when we closed out the investgation, we issued out 24 civil violations against the business."

He says none of the charges involve prostitution, which was reported by some other local media outlets.

The manager of the strip club didn't wish go on camera, but told WNWO that the violations can be found at any area strip club.

Howoever, with any establishment that has alcohol sales, there are strict rules.

"Basically you cannot be fully nude, and you cannot have physical contact with their patrons," says Agent Rodriguez.

Which seems contrary to what you may assume a strip club is like.

Rodriguez says that people may think that, when you go into an adult business, you are allowed to do anything. But that is absolutely untrue.

The club manager says the charges are from the dancers not having their breasts fully covered, and that's all. For this they normally use a small piece of tape.

There's also drug charges against two dancers, but the manager says those women have since been fired for those actions. However, as the employer, the club may be held responsible for the actions of the employees.