Strong auto sales good news for area dealerships

T he big three U.S. automakers are reporting strong sales for the month of April.

N ews of strong auto sales has a lot of people smiling at local dealerships who say April was one of their busiest months in a long time.

S ales for the big three auto makers was higher than last year. F ord is reporting sales up by 17 % . B oth General Motors and Chrysler say sales are up by 11%.

T he news gets even better for trucks. F ord's F-series rose by 24%. Chrysler's Ram saw sales go up by 49%.

L ocal auto dealers point to a series of positive trends in the economy for sales spike , " I think there's a pent up demand that's been out there because there were tough times," explains Dave Doster, sales manager at Yark Automotive Group.

D oster says last month was especially good for their smaller trucks and SUV's. Chrysler reports sales for the Jeep Grand Cherokee was up by 27%. The Dodge Durango was up 65%.

P eople at Yark believe strong April sales will carry into the summer with the debut of the new Jeep Cherokee.

T he Cherokee begins production in Toledo on May 23rd.