Strong storms knock over rail cars and semi's


ounding rain and strong winds rolled into
Northwest Ohio Wednesday afternoon. When the storms cleared, the damage it left behind was hard to miss.



thought well it's just a strong thunder storm, then all of a sudden, the winds really picked up and started blowing and everything else



explains Melbern, Ohio resident Rosemary Bowers.


strong winds derailed a fr


ght train after 2
PM knocking 20 cars on it's side. Officials with Norfolk Southern Railroad say there were no hazardous materials in the cars. The impressive sight has people in the town of Melbern talking, including resident Lauren Ensman, "Well, I heard a boom, then I looked outside by south window on the front room to see the town setting still, then a second layer of limb came out and hit my roof and made another boom."



o blow a train off the tracks,
I think that's a pretty significant wind that had to that," says Williams County Sheriff Steven Towns.


he storm didn't just knock down a train

, plenty of tree limbs were thrown all over yards and heavy rain created ponds some children took advantage of by jumping in and playing. The storms also wreaked havoc for truckers on I 75 near Bowling Green.


he intense winds tipped over
five semi's like they were toys. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries from these accidents. Now the cleanup begins.