Stryker Police Chief Suspended for Animal Cruelty Charge

Stryker Police Chief Steve Schlosser has been suspended for an animal cruelty charge for killing a residence's cat.

Police said a neighbor of John and Ada Piersons complained about cat feces and urine on the property. Police responded in mid-January and witnessed the Piersons feeding about 20 stray cats. Officials said none of the cats wore tags or collars indicating a residence or ownership.

That's when police set up a trap next door to the Pearsons' resident as police said the cats have been biting and reacting agressively. One of the cats that died from the trap belonged to neighbor Carol Seehand, who filed the complaint against Schlosser.

Schlosser plead no contest to the charges. A spokesperson with Stryker Police Department said Schlosser decided to take responsiblity as a way to prevent other officers from getting involved in the case. Schlosser will choose one day of the week off for the suspension.

The Stryker Village Council enforced a $500 fine and $79 court fees Monday.