Student fears for her safety at Springfield HS

Is bullying an ongoing problem at Springfield High School?

Carrie Gunner tells WNWO that her daughter does not feel safe attending Springfield High School after being bullied.

"She had told me a few things and I didn't think much of it because girls will be girls," Ms. Gunner said. But an incident on Sept. 24 made Gunner realize that the situation was more serious than she had realized. "On Tuesday, she was in the hallway and a square compact mirror was thrown at her head in the hallway," Ms. Gunner said.

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Katherine Hott, Springfield Schools Superintendent, says action has been taken against the offending students. "The children involved in it have been handled appropriately according to our code of conduct and discipline and a plan has been put in place specifically so that child doesn't have to encounter that again," Mrs. Hott said.

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Nevertheless, Gunner has kept her daughter from attending school this entire week. "I live in a school district that has excellent with distinction and it's not," said Gunner. "I feel that the victim gets punished here."

Gunner's daughter had a simple plea for the people who have been bothering her. "Can you please stop bullying me because you make me want to kill myself," the student said.


Is bullying a problem for you or your child? What can schools do to curb the issue? Share your thoughts with us.