Student says bar discriminated against her because of her weight

Jordan Ramos (in the blue shirt) says a bar wouldn't let her dance on a platform because of her weight.

According to NBC affiliate


, an Iowa college student is claiming she was discriminated against by an Iowa City bar because of her weight.

Jordan Ramos says the establishment, The Union Bar, banned her from dancing on an elevated platform because she wasn't pretty or thin enough.

Ramos says she was denied the opportunity to dance on the platform, multiple times and on different nights, in spite of the fact she paid full cover for access to the dancing areas.

"I said you're not letting me up here because you don't find me attractive? And he said yes and you're obviously pregnant. And I said I can tell you with 100% certainty I am not pregnant," Ramos said.

While the college student says she never intended for the incident to get national attention, she does want to raise awareness about what she calls "size discrimination.

City leaders ordered the bar to remove the dance platform for safety reasons after receiving Ramos' complaint.